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The Unity Shaders Bible

The definitive book to learn shaders in Unity.

Introduction to the shader programming language.

Lighting, shadow, and surface.

Compute Shader, Ray Tracing, and Sphere Tracing.

Learn shaders in Unity, starting with the basics and finishing with advanced concepts.
The book includes a detailed explanation of languages like Cg, HLSL, ShaderLab, and Shader Graph.

Chapter 1

Introduction to the shader programming language.

  1. It covers previous knowledge (normals, vertices, tangents, and more).
  2. Shows the structure of a shader in ShaderLab, Cg, and HLSL language.
  3. Analogy between properties and global variables.
  4. SubShader and commands (ColorMask, Stencil, Blending and more).
  5. Intrinsic functions (step, smoothstep, ceil, floor and more).
  6. Matrices and much more.

Chapter 2

Lighting, shadow and surface.

  1. We will review a simple lighting model.
  2. Look at the normal map and its implementation.
  3. Ambient, diffuse, specular and environmental reflection.
  4. Lighting and shadow analysis.
  5. Standard Surface shader, inputs and outputs.
  6. Shader Graph and much more.

Chapter 3

Compute shader, ray tracing and sphere tracing.

  1. It covers advanced concepts (threads, ray cast, GPGPU, and more).
  2. The structure of a Compute Shader and buffer variables.
  3. Compute Shader semantics (SV_DispatchThreadID, SV_Group, and more).
  4. Kernel explanation.
  5. Implicit surfaces and smooth minimum explanation.
  6. Ray Tracing rendering configuration and more.

What makes the book unique?

+370 informative pages on shader programming.

From beginner to advanced linearly, starting with basic concepts (e.g. unlit shader) and ending with advanced ones (e.g. compute shader).

Clear and direct.

You will be able to find the differences and similarities between Built-in, Universal and High Definition Render Pipeline.

Real-life examples.

All the examples in this book could be applied to production-stage projects.

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What do readers think about the book?

Julian Cano



It’s an excellent material to study and learn technical art with shaders! What I have seen has been very detailed and applicable.

Jab Deeb



Solid overall, good read, straightforward.




It is great work guys! This book allows me to structure and arrange my knowledge about creating shaders. Because before, my knowledge was like a bunch of separate pieces.

Sourav Chatterjee



It is a very ambitious and useful book that tries hard to demystify shaders.

Miguel Alexander



It’s a great tool to lose the fear of programming shaders in Unity. It provides fundamental knowledge for its understanding and application in any type of project.



Very clearly written, nice graphics to understand.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Unity Shaders Bible?

It is a book with more than +370 informative pages about shader development using Unity as a rendering engine. Its texts have been structured linearly to ensure a good understanding of the subject, from beginner to advanced.

2. What format is the book in?

The book is available in format .PDF.

3. What language is it written in?

It includes English and Spanish. You can get both languages once you purchase it.

4. What payment methods are available?

PayPal is currently available as a payment method.

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